Update: Setting up VLAN interfaces with Cisco gear... getting traffic on broadcast only...

Brian J. McGovern mcgovern at beta.com
Wed Nov 30 20:44:23 GMT 2005

I hate to add to my own issue.

I did some more playing and VLANs != 1 seem to work ok (typically in the 
100-150 range). However, operating on VLAN 1 still seems to be an issue.


 > All,
 > 	I've got three Catalyst 6500s configured in a switching domain via
 > fiber, with one "hub" 6500 connecting two remotes. Their port 
 > configurations are basically (the actual port number varies based on the
 > device).
 > interface Gigabit Ethernet 9/2
 > 	no ip address
 > 	switchport
 > 	switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
 > 	switchport mode trunk
 > 	The switches have been working as-is for over a year now, so I know
 > that part of the configuration is good. 
 > 	I've been asked to provide some Sun jumpstart services, and want to 
 > use an IBM x335 with a bge interface to act as a bootparams/tftp/rarp server
 > and figured that trunking it in to the main switch and bringing up vlans for
 > the individual subnets that would be served would be the right way to go, so
 > I configured up one of the gig-E interfaces, as above, with the only change 
 > selecting the UTP media.
 > 	On the FreeBSD (6.0) side, I then ran:
 > ifconfig bge0 up media 1000baseTX mediaopt full-duplex
 > ifconfig vlan0 create vlan 1 vlandev bge0
 > ifconfig vlan0 netmask
 > 	The other devices on the subnet are ("Hub 6500"), 
 > ("Remote 6500 1"), ("Remote 6500 2"), and 
 > ("Another x335 server running Linux").
 > 	However, I don't seem to be able to get normal traffic through the
 > link. If I ping (the subnet broadcast), I see responses from a
 > of the above devices - the first looking normal, and the remainder showing
 > (DUP!), which I would expect.
 > 	Pinging a device directly causes packets to get lost. They show up in
 > the outbound stats, and the 6500(s) appear(s) to see and respond to it, but
 > it never comes back in via the vlan0 interface.
 > 	Any suggestions to try before I bang my head against the wall?
 > 	-Brian

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