Fax App Recommendations

Daniel jahilliya at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 06:20:21 GMT 2005

On 11/30/05, Robert H. Perry <rperry at gti.net> wrote:
> Robert H. Perry wrote:
> > Robert H. Perry wrote:
> >
> >> Currently running FreeBSD RELEASE 5.4 and a MultiTech Voice/Data/Fax
> >> modem for dialup internet service on a server-type machine.  I also
> >> run another machine with 3 operating systems (FreeBSD 5.4, Suse 9.2,
> >> and Windows XP).
> >>
> >> My original objective was to install Hylafax on the server and share
> >> it with the other 3 systems.
> >>
> >> I ran into a couple of errors early on and seeked some help from the
> >> mailing list.  Got one response suggesting I reinstall the app from
> >> source.
> >>
> I was preparing to respond to a reply when Thunderbird sent the original
> to never-never-land.  Sorry.  Here's the problem I encountered.
> I was running the sendfax command to test my installation and received
> an unexpected error message.  I used the command taken from the
> sendfax man page as follows:
> "sendfax -n -d (destination fax#) /etc/passwd
> "sendfax: no files to send
> "usage:..."
> I reran it using the -x <debug> option and the message indicated:

What version of hylafax was installed?

Make sure you install gawk.

The native awk binary in FBSD is nawk (not gawk) which caused me some
greif with hylafax scripts.

So, update ports. Remove hylafax. Install gawk. Reinstall hylafax.

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