Fax App Recommendations

Daniel jahilliya at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 05:45:28 GMT 2005


On 11/30/05, Robert H. Perry <rperry at gti.net> wrote:
> Currently running FreeBSD RELEASE 5.4 and a MultiTech Voice/Data/Fax
> modem for dialup internet service on a server-type machine.  I also run
> another machine with 3 operating systems (FreeBSD 5.4, Suse 9.2, and
> Windows XP).
> My original objective was to install Hylafax on the server and share it
> with the other 3 systems.
> I ran into a couple of errors early on and seeked some help from the
> mailing list.  Got one response suggesting I reinstall the app from source.

I've setup and installed hylafax without any problems via the ports on
my FreeBSD 5.4 server, what problem did you exactly have?

I wouldn't even think of suggesting some other software to do it's
job, it's bloody good.


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