FreeBSD 6 Apache Port

Grant Peel gpeel at
Wed Nov 30 02:16:14 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I am quite proficient at installing Apache, mod_ssl, mysql php (as a static 
module) on FreeBSD < 5.0. I always do this from source as I do not 
understand how to use the ports system ... as far as linking all the mods 

I have recently installed a new server using FreeBSD 6.0.

Does anyone know a good tutorial or guide on how to compile Apache 2.x 
mod_ssl and php to gether from the ports collection? I know how to cd 
/usr/ports/port_name_here , make , [make test] , make install, but have 
never understood how to tie the mods together to procuce a complete setup.

Also, what is the prefered method for adding ./configure args to a port?

FYI, all I am looking to do is to compile Apache 2.x mod_ssl and php 
together so as to have a ports build of the apache webserver.

Any help will be appreciated.


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