eBay is recomending MS-IE-6 for better service UNDER FreeBSD-5.4 ?????

Kris Anderson ciscoaix at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 29 22:07:13 GMT 2005

--- Hanno Krusken <lr101fc at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi eBay,
> Now, I think you don't understand.
> Internet explorer 6 is by far older than the
> advanced
> FirFox 1.0.7 !
> I use the same FireFox 1.0.7 under XP with out
> problems, but I'm working under FreeBSD-UNIX the
> MS-intenet explorer dose not work under Unix any
> way.
> I only need to know which port needed to be open in
> my
> firewall to do image uploads.
> Hanno


If you have a Windows computer running around you can
open a command prompt, go through the steps to start
uploading an image then go back to the command prompt
and type netstat -a. It will list local and foreign
connections, find the one(s) for eBay and see what
ports are reflect connectivity your computer is using.

Hope that helps.

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