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Gary Kline wrote:

> 	Thanks for everyone's input.  I'll keep trying--or, more 
> 	accurately, will keep encouraging my friend to keep checking
> 	into things.  He is at a major university with a huge library
> 	complex and all the latest technology, &c... .  Cost is an
> 	issue--every which way you turn.  The university has some 
> 	kind of saving-old-books program, I think, but this book 
> 	isn't on the list.  There have been steep cuts in staff
> 	and programs in the past couple years, so the thinking may
> 	be:  What's the deal with trying to revive a 1913 Ethics 
> 	text where it's already on fiche?!

See if a local academic campus has a School of Library and 
Information Studies or an equivalent. If so, approach them (rather 
than the library proper) to see if an eager graduate school student 
can/will take on your conversion project for credit. They may have 
free access to the technology required and may provide free labor 
too, in exchange for your providing a "real world" work experience 
(a practicum or internship type effort is usually a requirement in 
these programs).

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