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JoaoBR wrote:
> On Tuesday 29 November 2005 11:53, Marco Calviani wrote:
>>Hi list,
>>   i have a problem during the config(8) phase of a kernel configuration
>>file. I would like to add in the kernel the device snd_ich with (as
>>indicated in the handbook):
>>device      snd_ich
>>However i've got a Syntax Error on that line when i try to config it.

>Put quotation marks around the driver name:

>device  "snd_ich"

This *may* work, but I believe I'm correct in saying that quotation marks are 
only required in cases where the device name contains digits.
Try :
	device	sound
	device	snd_ich

Works for me...

And if it *DOES WORK*, It'll be the FIRST TIME I've been of use to anyone !!!

	Good luck

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