firefox-1.0.6_5,1 upgrade fails

web at web at
Tue Nov 29 19:16:46 GMT 2005

At 12:09 PM 11/29/2005, you wrote:
>web at writes:
> > /usr/include/gssapi.h:108: error: conflicts with previous declaration
> > `typedef struct gss_buffer_desc_struct*gss_buffer_t'
> > /usr/local/include/gssapi/gssapi.h:127: error: declaration of `typedef
> > int*gss_buffer_t'
>You are somehow including gssapi.h from both ports and the base
>system.  The ports one may have come from a kerberos port, but it
>shouldn't be getting  included from there.

OK... Should I just deinstall/reinstall?

Thank you for spotting the problem...

Janos Dohanics

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