Waaaaay OT, sorry.

Peter Giessel pgiessel at mac.com
Tue Nov 29 16:32:18 GMT 2005

Gary Kline wrote:
>     This is one of my more obscure questions and involves scanning
>     not paper but something they used to store books, magazines,
>     and newspapers--before the computer age.  It is called a
>     microfiche (or fiche).  A friend got a copy of a rare
>     out-of-print, not-for-sale book on microfiche.  We're looking
>     for some means of scanning this film into a scanner with
>     OCR.

You need a scanner that can scan film negatives.  We have an
epson flatbed at work that does, but there are others.  You need
to set up the scanner the same as you would to scan a black and
white film negative, then it should all work.  The better the
scanner, the better the resolution you'll have.  Depending on
the microfiche size (ours at work are fairly small), maybe
even a dedicated (film) negative scanner would work.

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