bad instability on FreeBSD/amd64 6.0

Ian Lord mailing-lists at
Tue Nov 29 15:32:14 GMT 2005

I've been running amd64 version since version 6 been out without any crashes.

I am running on dell's 1850 and 2850 servers.

On my part, the only problem I see in it, is that commercial vendors 
don't support it so in my case, I can't run zend accelerator and 
pdflib since they are precompiled for IA32

IA32 compat won't help you in this case since these two program are 
loadable module so you cannot load a ia32 module in a amd64 compiled 
application even with compatIA32 in the kernel.

At 12:26 2005-11-28, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>i've read few articles on the net that FreeBSD/amd64 crashes very 
>frequently, contrary to /i386.
>how much truth is in that? i would strongly prefer to run amd64 
>system on amd64 machine that i will buy this week.
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