FBSD 5.4 & Arcserve 11

gollum123 at free.fr gollum123 at free.fr
Tue Nov 29 12:52:44 GMT 2005

Tuesday, November 29, 2005, 11:18:43 AM, you wrote:

DV> 2005/11/29, gollum123 at free.fr <gollum123 at free.fr>:
>> hello,
>> does someone knows how to make Arcserve client for linux working on
>> FreeBSD ?
>> I installed the linux emulation, the caagentd daemon is started, but
>> we can't make the Arcserve console to connect to the client while we
>> have other trues Linux client working.
>> All servers are on the same lan.
>> Everytime we try to connect, we have:
>> (ckpasswd)Incorrect password
>> While the root password is correct !
>> any clue ?
>> thanks!
>> Mathieu CHATEAU
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DV> How about linux emu activated and the binary brandelf-ed, sysctl
DV> kern.fallback.elf=3?
DV> I have not dealt with arcserve, but this is the way to go with linux
DV> apps on fbsd.
DV> cheers

DV> --
DV> ??????? ???????
DV> Dimitar Vassilev

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Thanks for your support.
i drandedlf all binary file (as possible).

but about sysctl, i have:
sysctl -a kern.fallback.elf
sysctl: unknown oid 'kern.fallback.elf'

Linux emu seems activated:
kldstat | grep linux
 4    1 0xc191e000 16000    linux.ko


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