HOWTO write udf (on cd/dvd/hd wherever)

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Tue Nov 29 10:43:09 GMT 2005

>> See the wikipedia entry:
>> "It [UDF] is an implementation of the ISO/IEC 13346 standard (also known as
>> ECMA-167), and an extension of ISO 9660."

not true.

>> And (somewhat paraphrased):
>> "A variable-length 'packet-written' CD-R(W) can be closed to a ISO9660
>> format by writing just by writing a table of contents on the CD."

you can just add ISO9660 filesystem metadata, getting two 
different filesystems of which both's metadata puts to the same place so 
data is shared, getting more portable disc. and getting faster access to 
files as UDF isn't as efficient.

but UDF is NOT an ISO9660 extension. UDF can live without ISO9660 
filesystem at all.

if you used UDF programs in windoze, they all have option to add ISO9660 
filesystem (just generate metadata) and fixate - after whole disc is 
filled with data.

> im confused do you want to mount a udf cd in a drive or want to make a udf iso ?
> mount -t udf /device /mount point

mounting, mkisofs -dvd-video works fine

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