Zero Channel Raid

Ruan Kendall shearwater at
Tue Nov 29 09:37:56 GMT 2005

I am attempting to track down a FreeBSD-compatible PCI-X zero channel
raid card for my Gigabyte SR125E machine. This sort of card does not
appear to be very widespread, and I have only managed to track down 3

Adaptec 2020ZCR
LSI 320-0X

The former will certainly be compatible with my hardware, the Intel
one is probably compatible. As far as I can tell, the LSI card is only
compatible with an LSI SCSI controller, which the computer does not

The Adaptec card does not appear on the supported hardware list. The
Intel card is not explictly listed but 'iir' claims that it should
support all future Intel RAID cards. This seems a surprising claim...
can someone verify it for me? The driver man page also claims to
support all ICP raid controllers, but I have been unable to find any
PCI-X cards from them.

So. Am I doomed? Is there no driver support for this type of hardware
at this time? Have I just not been looking hard enough? Have I missed
something really obvious? Are there any compatible PCI-X RADIOS cards
which can be obtained in the UK or Europe?

Thanks in advance,


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