Install Freebsd AMD64 on Mirror Disk...?

perikillo perikillo at
Tue Nov 29 03:02:25 GMT 2005

   Hi people.

     I have one computer with this:

motherboard MS-7125
CPU AMD64 3000+
Hard Drives: 2(111 GB Each) SATA drives Raid 1

     This motherboard went arrive to my office was already setup, with
the mirror disk, i donwload freebsd AMD64, i want to install 3 OS
Windows XP/Freebsd/Linux-Suse.

     I want to know if is possible to install freebsd with this
configuration, the mirror disk, or i need to delete the mirror first
to install freebsd...?

    I have another Disk(IDE), i can useit to install freebsd there and
let windows and suse on the mirror disk...?

    Any comments are welcome, thanks all for your time.

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