good instability on FreeBSD/amd64 6.0

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon Nov 28 23:59:06 GMT 2005

thank all for the answers that made me sure i was reading nonsense.
Now i can install FreeBSD/amd64 6.0 being sure i will get stable (and 
fast) system. As stable as my FreeBSD/i386 6.0 system, on which FreeBSD is 
the only OS in which 2 CPUs works fine.

not new hardware, dual PII/400 "Compaq Professional Workstation", on which 
NetBSD quickly crashes with SMP enabled, Linux works not much faster than 
on one CPU with fast serial working (and i don't like to use linux), 
FreeBSD runs fast well using both CPUs
It's easily using up both CPUs for apps under both low and high 
disk/network load, so giant locks isn't that a problem now in 6.0.

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