enabling audio cd sound in emu10kx driver

Marco Beishuizen marco at beishuizen.info
Mon Nov 28 19:41:55 GMT 2005

On stardate Mon, 28 Nov 2005, the wise Lowell Gilbert entered:

> I don't know anything about this driver (you said you're using the one
> from the audio/emu10kx port), but there seem to be a bunch of knobs to
> play with.  One is the analog/digital mode, which may be related (as I
> mentioned before, for a different reason, driving the audio in digital
> mode may work for you.
> You could also try the native emu10k1 driver, which is supposed to
> handle the EMU10K2 and EMU10K3 chipset-based Audigy 2 cards.  You
> didn't mention if you'd done that before.  [You also didn't mention
> which version of FreeBSD you're running, which may turn out to be
> relevant.]  

I'm running FreeBSD 5.4-stable. The driver is for a Creative Audigy2.

I also tried to compile the driver into the kernel before but that fails, 
that is the reason for using the driver from the ports. Sound works fine, 
except for the dvd player. I'll look into the audio/digital mode first and 
see if it works.


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