Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Mon Nov 28 14:38:21 GMT 2005

> How viable is it to install FreeBSD along side WinXP?  (Dual Boot)  

It works fine.   The machine I am typing this on has FreeBSD and XP 
dual booted.    You will want to install XP first or keep the XP that
came with the machine and just shrink the XP slice with something like
Partition Magic rather than installing FreeBSD first.   That is because
Microsloth does not play nice with other systems.   It always assumes 
it is the only thing in the world and its install will overwrite what
ever you have there.

> Also, can the BSD MBR be removed once it's installed?  I've tried 
> FIXMBR with the WinXP CD and it didn't work....  <sigh>  Any suggestions?

Why would you want to do that.   You need the MBR to initiate the boot
and let you decide which bootable slice (FreeBSD or XP) to boot from.
You can install some other MBR over it, but there is little reason 
unless you are in to some esthetic thing and thing it is ugly or something.
The FreeBSD MBR will handliy boot either.  The only unnice thing is that
if the XP slice is NTFS, it will identify it as ??? rather than MS-DOS
like it identifies bootable FAT slices.


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