strange entropy (or cron) message

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Mon Nov 28 12:57:13 GMT 2005

nospam at wrote:

>I found this bit of stuff in the rc.conf:
># -- sysinstall generated deltas -- # Mon Oct  3 08:28:56 2005
>moused_flags=""ZAxisMapping" "4 5" "
>I don't understand why there are doubled-double quotes. This is the only
>place in rc.conf that there is a number 5. Not sure what that command does
>to the mouse daemon or if it's even a correct call.
This is, to put it plainly, wrong :-)  ZAxisMapping belongs in an 
xorg.conf/XF86config file.  It looks like someone who didn't really 
understand what they were doing ran sysinstall and specified this with 
the internal quotes as a parameter to moused.  Garbage in, garbage out 
I'm afraid.  Take it out of rc.conf and put in in your X config file 
where it might do you some good (assuming you have a mouse wheel).


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