sk0: watchdog timeout

Hans Nieser h.nieser at
Mon Nov 28 08:44:40 GMT 2005

Hans Nieser wrote:
> Nicolas Blais wrote:
>> I have an sk0 too on one of my computer's onboard A8V-DX which will 
>> timeout once in a while too.  I found a way to reduce down time by 
>> modifying my rc.conf to force 'full-duplex 100Mbps'.  Now, even when 
>> it goes into a watchdog timeout, I quickly get back my link within 
>> that second.
>> This is what my rc.conf line looks like:
>> ifconfig_sk0="inet media 100baseTX mediaopt full-duplex 
>> netmask"
> Thanks! Will give this a try

It appears the above hasn't helped me, it still goes down after copying 
about 10-15GB of data and I still have to bring the interface down and up 
again to regain connectivity. Thanks for the tip though, it was worth a try

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