Reassigning kernel output to another vty

Rechistov Grigory ggg_mail at
Mon Nov 28 07:31:51 GMT 2005

There are at least 8 virtual terminals by default on FreeBSD, but I 
seldom (to be exact, never) use all of them, mostly the first 3-4. The 
kernel messages and another ones (such programs as su(1) also print 
there time to time) are shown on the first vty. So I often get crazy 
mixture of this stuff, it covers my Midnight Commander's panels till I 
refresh them. I wonder if there's a method to show kernel messages on, 
say, 6th console, logs on 7th etc? Such behaviour is well-known feature 
of many Linux distros and I remember smth similar when installing 
FreeBSD, when messages of packages are shown on 4th vty.


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