make index & make fetchindex

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sun Nov 27 20:28:45 GMT 2005

bsd wrote:
> I have a little script that I run twice a week that updates my ports  
> automatically.
> I have quite often errors with the "make index" line because I have a  
> refuse file to fasten the process of updating my server.
> My question is : can I safely replace the "make index" by the a "make  
> fetchindex" ?

If you refuse some ports, no.  Eventually, something you use will be updated to 
depend on something you're refusing, and the dependency will break.

Using no refuse file and "make fetchindex" works well.

> What will be the main  differences if I do so ?
> What are the risks ?

The other consideration is that it's fine to update ports automaticly on a test 
server or your personal machine.  It is unwise to update a production machine 
in such a fashion, you will end up with services being shutdown and not 
restarted properly without human intervention.

For a production system, you should run portaudit instead, and update your 
ports as need or the desire for a new version demands by hand.


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