Very slow printing on 5.4 with cups anh HP LaserJet 4L

Roland Smith rsmith at
Sun Nov 27 15:28:27 GMT 2005

On Sun, Nov 27, 2005 at 10:18:49AM -0500, MarkNevada41 at wrote:
> how did you change the setting?
> My 932c used to print 3 or 4 lines per pass and now it does one line
> per pass

> I had the exact same problem, except with a Deskjet  932C.  Someone on the 
> list said "man lptcontrol" and set your printer  to "poll".
> I used this command:
> % lptcontrol -p -d /dev/lpt0
> and it  fixed my problem.
> where so you install the command?

You should run this command as root from the command line. If you want
to make it permanent, add the follwoing to /boot/device.hints:


This puts the port in ECP mode (flag 0x08), and disables the IRQ (flab
0x20), thus enabling polling mode.

If your chipset doesn't support ECP mode (unlikely for a reasonably
modern one) use 0x20 instead of 0x28.

The hint will take eddect on the next reboot. The lptcontrol command
will take care of things until you reboot.

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