proper way to create network devices at boot time.

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at
Sun Nov 27 10:49:06 GMT 2005

Lowell Gilbert <freebsd-questions-local at> wrote:  Mark Jayson Alvarez  writes:

>  How do you create a network device at boot time? I need to set up my  carp devices at boot time. in Openbsd, it can be set in  /etc/hostname.if like this.
> /etc/hostname.carp1
>     inet vhid 1 carpdev em0 \
>      pass lanpasswd  Thanks.

On recent FreeBSD, the devices should be created automatically if the
hardware they support is present.  What device exactly are you trying
to create?
Im  trying to create carp pseudo device. In rc.conf, I can simply configure  it using ifconfig, however only after the device have been created. So  manually I would say:
  ifconfig carp create
  ifconfig carp0 vhid 1 pass mypasswd ipaddress
  something like that...

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