tomcat + apache + java

Michael Vince mv at
Sun Nov 27 00:18:15 GMT 2005

fbsd at wrote:

>Can anyone point me to a surefire how-to to get tomcat & java & apache running
>on a FreeBSD 5.3R box.
>Here are the current setup.
>OS : FreeBSD 5.3R
>Apache 2.0.50
>Tomcat 5.0.28
>mod_jk - seems to be 1.2.5
>java - jdk1.4.2
Your best off using mod_proxy to connect tomcat and apache2 especially 
since your after a sure fire way.
I also assume because your using Java your after performance, so you the 
threaded apache2 worker MPM,
but it isn't a good idea to load a module like PHP with worker because 
they aren't particularly thread safe and uses more memory.
portupgrade -NRr -m 'WITH_MPM=worker -DWITH_PROXY_MODULES' 


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