enabling audio cd sound in emu10kx driver

Marco Beishuizen marco at beishuizen.info
Sat Nov 26 23:29:40 GMT 2005

I would like to enable sound for my dvd player so I can listen to audio 
cd's. I installed the driver for my Audigy2 in the ports (emu10kx). Sound 
is working fine, except for audio cd's.

I once had the old driver installed which came with "emuctrl", a program 
which controls the volume. Entering "emuctrl set in1 100" enabled sound for 
the cd player. But with the new driver in the ports emuctrl doesn't work 
anymore and mixer is unable to control the volume for in1.

So my question is how to enable the volume for the dvd player with this 

Thanks in advance,

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