Yesterday's -STABLE kernel corrupts LAN

Rob Connon (Info) at
Sat Nov 26 22:28:15 GMT 2005

> I couldnt agree more with this comment. My head hurt after
> trying to figure this out as well..
> Yea. The information seems to contradict itself.
> The only thing I have been able to 100% figure out is:
> #*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_6_0
> -> release branch/security fixes only
> Results in: 6.0-RELEASE
> #*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_6
> -> 6.0 + changes will eventually be 6.1
> Results in: 6.0-STABLE
> It is perhaps a bit easier in OpenBSD land. -STABLE means only 
> bugfixes and important patches. In FreeBSD - this seems not the case?
> -JD

I agree, i think that was my mistake.. i come from using OpenBSD and 
*thought* -STABLE meant RELEASE+ security fixes.. Which is MY fault for 
not paying closer attention to the docs..
oh well i am now informed.

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