Yesterday's -STABLE kernel corrupts LAN

Rob Connon (Info) at
Sat Nov 26 20:16:07 GMT 2005

Chris wrote:

>Derrick MacPherson wrote:
>>My friend posted late last night, on a problem we are seeing, Sub:
>>Problem with FreeBSD 6 -STABLE and Dell PowerEdge 2850 spewing arp requests
>>Pasted here:
>>Hi All,
>>I have a problem with FreeBSD 6 -Stable, i built the machine with
>>-RELEASE and it's been running fine for the last few weeks.. Today i
>>tryed to make the jump to -STABLE by running cvsup on the RELENG_6
>>branch, running makebuildworld/kernel
>>which built fine without any errors.. upon the first reboot the machine
>>did not come back up.. I went down to the data centre where the machine
>>is COLO'd and saw the machine  did boot the new kernel.. it just has no
>>network connectivity..
>>The Machine is a Dell PowerEdge 2850, Raid 1 volume on the Perc4i
>>controller.. there are 2 Intel 1000BT adaptors.. i poked around making
>>sure there were no errors in the syslog etc.. the machine comes up fine
>>as mentioned...
>Yes - I can see running STABLE (or CURRENT for that matter) on a
>production box makes perfect sence to me. Yes it does.
Who said anything about a production box? just because the machine is 
sitting in a COLO dont mean it's in production.. Why not offer some 
valued input instead of smart ass comments?
you seem like the type of person most people ignore when they hear you 
open your mouth, but it's such a nice day i thought i would respond..

Happy Thanks Giving!!!!!!

And for the rest of you thanks for all the help!


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