Yesterday's -STABLE kernel corrupts LAN

Derrick MacPherson dmacpherson at
Sat Nov 26 18:34:32 GMT 2005

Chris wrote:

>Derrick MacPherson wrote:
>>My friend posted late last night, on a problem we are seeing, Sub:
>>Problem with FreeBSD 6 -STABLE and Dell PowerEdge 2850 spewing arp requests
>>Pasted here:
>>Hi All,
>>I have a problem with FreeBSD 6 -Stable, i built the machine with
>>-RELEASE and it's been running fine for the last few weeks.. Today i
>>tryed to make the jump to -STABLE by running cvsup on the RELENG_6
>>branch, running makebuildworld/kernel
>>which built fine without any errors.. upon the first reboot the machine
>>did not come back up.. I went down to the data centre where the machine
>>is COLO'd and saw the machine  did boot the new kernel.. it just has no
>>network connectivity..
>>The Machine is a Dell PowerEdge 2850, Raid 1 volume on the Perc4i
>>controller.. there are 2 Intel 1000BT adaptors.. i poked around making
>>sure there were no errors in the syslog etc.. the machine comes up fine
>>as mentioned...
>Yes - I can see running STABLE (or CURRENT for that matter) on a
>production box makes perfect sence to me. Yes it does.
Wow, if I could use that sarcasm to fuel my car I'd be happy. I guess we 
would be the only people to run current or stable on a production 
machine, and everyone else is using RELEASE? I guess I should have stuck 
with 4.1x considering all the initial troubles with 5.x, and not go to 6 
at all cause heck that can't be near ready considering the obvious 
ineptitude of freebsd developers, the horrible track record speaks for 
itself. Or should I run RedHat? ;)

Just wanted to contribute to the discussion in a productive manner, and 
make sure people are aware of issues as well as solve our current issue, 
but thanks for your input nonetheless. I hope it's sunny over there 
today, cause it is here. Whoomp.

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