System upgrade questions

Miguel Saturnino mags at
Sat Nov 26 17:29:57 GMT 2005


I have a FreeBSD 5.3 release system which was upgraded with CVSup to
RELENG_5. I have recently built a new kernel, but *have not* rebuilt
"world". The computer now says it's a "FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE" system.

This can't be right, can it? :/

I think I have two options: 
      * downgrade the sources to RELENG_5_3 with CVSup (replacing
        RELENG_5 with RELENG_5_3 in the supfile) and build a new FreeBSD
        5.3 kernel
      * rebuild "world" to have a FreeBSD 5.4 base system and kernel

If I opt for the second option, should I rebuild "world" everytime
there's a version bump in FreeBSD?


Best regards,

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