Unable to install on large hard drive

Christopher Kelley bsd at kelleycows.com
Sat Nov 26 15:25:05 GMT 2005

Mike Jeays wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-11-25 at 23:35 -0800, Christopher Kelley wrote:
>>Up until now, I've installed FreeBSD on smaller drives (< 15 gig), but I 
>>recently had to replace the HD in my windows machine, so I got a larger 
>>hard drive with the idea of installing fBSD on it as well and dual 
>>booting that machine.
[snip, snip]

>>I did look through the manual and searched a bit on google, but I'm not 
>>having much luck finding even suggestions of what to try.  Does anyone 
>>have any suggestions?
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>I reported a similar problem with a Maxtor D740X-SL 40GB drive a few
>weeks ago.  I cannot get this drive to work properly with recent
>versions of FreeBSD, and get the same error during installation.  The
>disk seems to work fine with Fedora and Ubuntu.  I made it work by
>disabling DMA, but the performance was awful.  My motherboard is an ASUS
Hmmm ... well, I already have a few fBSD installs, maybe I'll try Ubuntu 
or something for the dual-boot.  Never hurts to try something new.


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