Showing Beastie at boot?

Chris chris at
Sat Nov 26 15:11:35 GMT 2005

RW wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 November 2005 23:44, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
>>David Gerard <fun at> writes:
>>>5.4 showed an ASCII Beastie at boot, 6.0 shows "FreeBSD" in awful
>>>ASCII-art text. As a Beastie traditionalist, what's the option to
>>>display Beastie again?
>>                           loader_logo (``fbsdbw'')
>>                                     Selects a desired logo in the beastie
>>boot menu.  Possi- ble values are: ``fbsdbw'', ``beastiebw'', ``beastie'',
>>and ``none''.
> Actually, that isn't in the 6.0 release:
>   # man loader.conf | grep -C2 -i beastie
>   #             
> I got it from beastie.4th.

loader_logo=beastie in loader.conf gave me technicolour beastie on a 
6.0R box


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