Problem with FreeBSD 6 -STABLE and Dell PowerEdge 2850 spewing arp requests

Rob Connon (Info) at
Sat Nov 26 10:12:10 GMT 2005

Hi All,

I have a problem with FreeBSD 6 -Stable, i built the machine with 
-RELEASE and it's been running fine for the last few weeks.. Today i 
tryed to make the jump to -STABLE by running cvsup on the RELENG_6 
branch, running makebuildworld/kernel
which built fine without any errors.. upon the first reboot the machine 
did not come back up.. I went down to the data centre where the machine 
is COLO'd and saw the machine  did boot the new kernel.. it just has no 
network connectivity..

The Machine is a Dell PowerEdge 2850, Raid 1 volume on the Perc4i 
controller.. there are 2 Intel 1000BT adaptors.. i poked around making 
sure there were no errors in the syslog etc.. the machine comes up fine 
as mentioned...
and the only odd thing i found was 1) in the output of ps -aux there was 
over 100 IRQ's listed.. and 2) the network adapter is puking arp 
requests flooding the local network..

With no fix in sight i re-installed the source and base binary's from 
the installer which fixed the problem as the machine was back at 
-RELEASE.. it worked great.. i thought at first i may have had left over 
files in /usr/obj but from what i thought that should not affect the 
kernel build/install.. regardless i followed the handbook and removed 
the /usr/obj/usr dir and ran cvsup again to get the -STABLE source.. i 
ran make cleandir and started the process over again..
and once again after the kernel install the machine loses it's 
networking capabilities and starts spewing Arp requests...

Could anyone offer any insight?

Sorry about not having a dmesg but i dont have access to the machine at 
the moment as it's dead :P


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