How to find system call in kernel source code?

David Kelly dkelly at
Sat Nov 26 03:09:17 GMT 2005

The sendfile(2) function is apparently a kernel system call. I've  
"find /usr/src -type f -exec grep -il sendfile "{}" \;" and several  
variations yet not found where the code which performs sendfile() is  
located. Is system call 393. Guessing I'm just missing the dispatch  

This is also related to P/R bin/89100. At least for me, RELENG_6  
fails to send files greater than 4 GB after a few hours or days on  
the disk. Freshly copied files work fine. No problem copying the file  
with cp. And md5 confirms the contents have not changed.

Built a special ftpd with -g compiler flag. Am not good enough with  
gdb to breakpoint a forked child, which apparently "ftpd -D" does  
immediately. So sprinkled enough printf's to confirm sendfile() is  
coming up short, is restarted, and errs finally producing the  
"premature EOF" error message. Yet I've done enough that I'm  
confident the arguments are being passed properly and of sufficient  

The files are between 4G and 8G and when the failure occurs the  
transfer is always filesize modulo 4G. Exactly as if a 4 byte length  
truncated. But strange in that it works on a new file today but  
doesn't after the file is a few hours or days old. Once a file is old  
enough to fail all files on that filesystem written before it also  
fail. Not related to timestamp as "cp -p" will "repair" the file  

No errors in /var/log/messages or dmesg. No errors manually launching  
fsck to check the filesystems. And everything but the sendfile()  
system call seems to work.

David Kelly N4HHE, dkelly at
Whom computers would destroy, they must first drive mad.

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