can't build apache2 + openssl 0.9.8 beta to get around 0.9.7 problems

Jeff D. Hamann jeff.hamann at
Fri Nov 25 20:49:54 GMT 2005

I've been trying to build the apache2 port with the openssl 0.9.8 beta (becuase I keep getting errors with the port built with the 0.9.7i openssl port when attempting to start apache2. 

I'm working on FreeBSD6 -amd64 (trying to get apache+openssl+subversion+postgresql+blah,blah,blah working):

bobby# uname -a
FreeBSD bobby.xxxxxxxx.xxxx 6.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE #1: Fri Nov 18 10:47:37 PST 2005     hamannj at  amd64

making all in tools...
===>  Installing for openssl-stable-0.9.7i
===>   Generating temporary packing list
===>  Checking if security/openssl already installed
===>   An older version of security/openssl is already installed (openssl-beta-0.9.8a)
      You may wish to ``make deinstall'' and install this port again
      by ``make reinstall'' to upgrade it properly.
      If you really wish to overwrite the old port of security/openssl
      without deleting it first, set the variable "FORCE_PKG_REGISTER"
      in your environment or the "make install" command line.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/security/openssl.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/www/apache2.

Since I've installed openssl-beta-0.9.8a and don't want to build apache2 with 0.9.7i, how can I tell apache to use the newest port?

I can get the openssl 0.9.8 port to build just fine and the apache2 port to build with the openssl-0.9.7i port, but I can't get apache2 to build with the openssl-0.9.8a port. I was searching in the Makefile for apache2 and found the following line:

# patch files                                                                                                                                 
EXTRA_PATCHES+=         ${FILESDIR}/build-fix-openssl_beta    

and I'm not sure how (or if) this applies to my situation. And since the port isn't "older" (I don't know if it really is or isn't), I've decided not to force the registration. 

and the version command in openssl yields, 

bobby# openssl 
OpenSSL> version
OpenSSL 0.9.7e-p1 25 Oct 2004

which I don't think is correct either, is it?

Any help would be great. 

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