devfs problem at bootup 6.0R

Enrique Ayesta Perojo eayesta at
Fri Nov 25 12:24:49 GMT 2005

Hello, i have the next problem with devfs. It's a FreeBSD 6.0 RELEASE (but the 
problem is there since the first available beta versions). I want to use an 
ATA dvd rewriter as SCSI. I have added the ATAPI/CAM and if i do a:

camcontrol devlist

i can see correctly the devices

<BENQ DVD DD DW1620 B7W9>          at scbus1 target 0 lun 0 (pass0,cd0)
<TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-M1612 X004>    at scbus1 target 1 lun 0 (pass1,cd1)

In /etc/devfs.conf I have the next lines:

link    cd0     cdrom
link    cd0     dvd
perm    cd0     0666
perm    cd1     0666
perm    pass0   0666
perm    pass1   0666
perm    xpt0    0666

But it seems that at boot time /etc/rc.d/devfs is not correctly launched, so i 
have only access to those devices as root. If i want to have acces to them as 
a normal user i have to launch /etc/rc.d/devfs by hand as root, so i don't 
have any problem.

I see a suspicious boot up messages with cd0 and cd1, the detection is 
accomplised at the end of the boot process, but in another machines is 
detected much before, at least that's what i see on another machines with a 
similar configuration

Any clue on what happens?

Thanks a lot

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