License Question

Manolo Fredricks manoman_67 at
Fri Nov 25 07:27:22 GMT 2005

  Hi All
  I'm new to this forum. I am a bit confused about the FreeBSD license and keep getting conflicting answers from different people. Would like to know you guys think. Here goes.
  If I make modifications to FreeBSD and then distribute it (the modified FreeBSD) to others:
  1. Must I provide the source code or can I choose not to?
  2. Must I license it under the FreeBSD license? 
  3. Can I license it under my own terms/license? If so, must I reproduce the FreeBSD copyright notice and the disclaimer and if so, where?
  4. Who owns the copyright to my modifications, me or FreeBSD?
  5. Must I contribute my modifications back to the FreeBSD project or can I choose not to?
  Appreciate your feedback.

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