make: don't know how to make TARGET. Stop

Daniel jahilliya at
Fri Nov 25 05:55:40 GMT 2005

On 11/25/05, Jose Borquez <calartstech at> wrote:
> I am going to recompile the source and I want to save
> the output from running make to a file.
> I run script /var/tmp/mw.out then get the following
> output:
> Script started, output file is /var/tmp/mw.out
> Then I run make TARGET and get the following error:
> make: don't know how to make TARGET. Stop
> What have I done wrong or am I missing something?
> Thank you,
> Jose

What source are you recompiling?

TARGET should be what you want to build, not what you put on the command line.

So you should be entering something like: make clean
make build
make install
make distclean

Read the documentation for whatever you're trying to "make"

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