Configuring For Cache Name Server

Gerard Seibert gerard at
Thu Nov 24 18:23:43 GMT 2005

On Thursday, November 24, 2005 1:05:49 PM, Daniel Bye <freebsd-questions at>
Subject: Re: Configuring For Cache Name Server
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> On Thu, Nov 24, 2005 at 12:46:27PM -0500, Gerard Seibert wrote:
> > OK, then why is it that the nameserver gets removed on every
> > reboot of the system and the nameservers of my ISP are inserted.
> > Actually, I never removed them, I just placed the new one ahead of them.
> > There is also a search entry in the file. If I remove it, it also gets
> > rewritten upon boot-up. Maybe I should mention that I am employing DHCP
> > presently to obtain a lease from my ISP. Is there something I need to
> > alter in order to get this to work. If I cannot be done, it is no great
> > lose however. I can live with the system the way it is.
> dhclient doesn't know that you want to use a local cache, so it does
> what it does - gets resolver addresses from your ISP.
> Put this in your /etc/dhclient.conf:
> interface "hme0" {    <---  Change interface name accordingly...
>     supersede domain-name-servers;
> }
> And try again.  I believe, but haven't tested it, that you can use
> prepend instead of supersede is you wish to keep your ISP's resolvers in
> case your cache fails - but don't quote me on that!  ;-)
> As for search order, use prepend:
> interface "hme0" {
>     prepend domain-name "";
> }
> -- 
> Daniel Bye

On 10/11/2005 5:29:42 PM, Gerard Replied:

Thanks. That is just the sort of information that I would have thought
should have been listed somewhere on the man pages for setting up a
cache name server. If it was there, I never noticed it.

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