FreeBSD 6.0 GENERIC Kernel perfomance

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Thu Nov 24 17:26:48 GMT 2005


  Instructions for updating the ports tree are in the handbook on

  Please understand that the ports directory tree distributed with the
RELEASE cd's is always out of date.  I never install it when I install
a RELEASE.  I always use cvsup to download the current ports tree
after installation.

I just setup a P4 3.2Ghz system with a gig of ram and mirrored SATA
drives, and I ran the mysql benchmarks on it, and they are quite a
bit faster than any other systems I have.  Please
post mysql benchmarks on your system, or post any other benchmarks
that you think are indicative of kernel slowness?  I will run the same
we can compare to see if there's a difference.


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>thanks for reply. I did not provide any special tests for
>performance, I
>catch it just working on my workstation - P-4, 3 GHz, 512 MB.
>Long time ago (several monthes) I've used Gentoo Linux, but siwtched to
>FreeBSD because of better performance especially when I work in X.
>About the port set: what do you mean under "> upgrading your ports
>properly"? I've downloaded the ports.tar.gz (about 30M) and untarred it
>to /usr/ports. what else?
>Kris Kennaway wrote:
>> On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 05:32:12PM +0000, Dmytro Surovtsev wrote:
>>>Maybe it's my own opinion but I've discovered that 6.0 kernel is much
>>>slower than 5.4, I mean GENERIC in both cases.
>> It's only your own opinion until you share with us the measurements
>> that led you to conclude this.  FreeBSD 6.0 is much faster than
>> FreeBSD 5.4 in my measurements, especially in the area of filesystem
>> performance.
>>>And, as well, 6.0 works
>>>right with the set of ports come with it in distribution inly. Nearly
>>>any new port can not assemble with differnent errors, mostly
>like: "The
>>>version of library XXX is installed, it's conflict with
>XXX-1, please do
>>>pkg_delete, and pkg_add then". But after than nearly nothing works.
>> This is not a FreeBSD 6.0 problem, it indicates that you aren't
>> upgrading your ports properly.
>> Look into the portupgrade tool, and if you have specific problems with
>> using it, then post specific questions.
>> Kris
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