How the heck do you burn a VCD?

Louis LeBlanc FreeBSD at
Thu Nov 24 05:24:06 GMT 2005

Hey folks.  This may be slightly OT, but I just downloaded the
StarWreck spoof (, and I'd like to get it
burned to a VCD.  It's in xvid/avi format, and I'm not sure what's the
best way to burn this.  with the following:

burncd -f /dev/acd1 -d vcd star_wreck_in_the_pirkinning_subtitled_xvid.avi

but it doesn't seem to play anywhere - not even my FreeBSD box - which
is the only machine I can get the avi file to play in the first place
(MacOs X & Windoze won't play it).  How's that for FreeBSD being a
better multimedia box?

I have checked the disk, and it *does* appear to have been burned - so
this is a coaster now.  I'm guessing I just didn't understand the
burncd manpage in regards to vcd burning.  I also couldn't find
anything but 'doze and MacOs X commercial software ads on google, even
though I required either "FreeBSD" or "Linux" in my search.

Anyway, I'm really a newbie with this vcd stuff, so a little leg up
would be appreciated.

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