Accessing samba shares without password prompts

Mike Eubanks mse_software at
Thu Nov 24 03:26:48 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 20:36 -0500, Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Can someone point me to info on how to access shares on the netowrk
> without having to provide the password. I am logged in to my FreeBSD 6.0
> workstation with the user name and password equal to that of a user on
> the other samba servers and Windows.
> --
> Robert

In addition to everything already suggested, you also have the option of
using SWAT to configure Samba.  It may or may not be the best thing
depending on your security requirements.  If you currently run inetd you
need to add the following line to your /etc/inetd.conf file:

swat  stream  tcp nowait/400  root  /usr/local/sbin/swat  swat

It may already exist, although, it is probably commented out.  Restart
inetd however you wish and see that the port is open for connections:

# /etc/rc.d/inetd restart
# sockstat | grep 901
root     inetd      713   7  tcp4   *:901                 *:*

Open a web browser and connect to  Supply login
information and you are ready to configure Samba.  If you are just using
the server as a home file server and don't require too many extras to
start, this maybe the way to go.

Mike Eubanks <mse_software at>

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