Automating Drive Formatting

Michael Collette Michael.Collette at
Wed Nov 23 18:06:41 GMT 2005

I'm looking for some way to script together an automatic formatting of a hard
drive.  Having a fair amount of difficulty locating some good information on
doing this.

For example, let's say there's an unknown IDE drive that's at least 40G in
size.  On that drive I want to create 1 partition with 3 labels.  2 of the
labels get 10G, and the 3rd gets whatever is left.

My reason for doing this is that we've set up a couple of servers that are
running diskless, but are bogging down a bit with getting everything via NFS.
I'm trying to get a diskless box note the installed drive, check to see if
it's in the format I expect, and if not perform the bsdlabel, newfs, and all

I know the basic info is somewhere accessible, or sysinstall wouldn't have
this stuff available.  Just need a shove in the right direction please.

Michael Collette
IT Manager
TestEquity Inc
Michael.Collette at

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