abcde ripping to mp3 and ogg using different folders

Dave dmehler26 at
Wed Nov 23 15:55:45 GMT 2005

    What abcde does is first rips the files to wav then encodes them to the 
indicated format. What i've got mine doing is encoding to both .mp3 and 
.ogg, now it places the files in the same folder, only with different 
extensions .mp3 and .ogg respectively. What i'd like is to keep the mp3's 
where they are and to create the same folder as the mp3's are in with a .ogg 
extension and put the .ogg files in there. I'm a bit new to shell scripting, 
can you get me pointed in the right direction?

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> "Dave" <dmehler26 at> writes:
>> Got a question. I've got some cd's i'd like to take and make mp3's out
>> of them. I've defined lame opts in my abcde.conf and i'd also like to
>> rip .ogg files at the same time. Doing this i'd like to store the mp3
>> version of the disk and the .ogg version in separate folders under one
>> root area. Has anyone done this?
> I don't use abcde, but it seems like something that should be trivial
> to do with a script wrapper around abcde... 

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