Sylpheed Spell Checker & Inline Images

Blue Raccoon blue.raccoon at
Wed Nov 23 15:47:52 GMT 2005

My apologies.
Installing from source was not a good idea. I now used the ports system and all is well. I should have read some documentation before I came here with my questions.
The reason I used the source was the fact that I could not pkg_add the 2.1.7 version of Sylpheed, although it was listed at Freshports. I now added it using 'make install clean' in the ports-tree and although the process took over an hour (no kidding) the program now has all the stuff it depends on.
Which leaves me with some other questions:

I often can't pkg_add a program that is listed on Freshports (and vise versa). Why is that?
Sometimes two different versions of a program have exactly the same 'kg_add -r someprog' command. How is that possible?
pkg_add is pretty fast, 'make install' is very slow. Does pkg_add get pre-compiled binaries?

thanks again,

- Jay

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