Marvell Yukon Kernel Driver for 6.0

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Nov 23 14:37:30 GMT 2005

"Lawrence F. Ross" <ross.larry at> writes:

> I've got a  system with 4 Marvell Yukon 8053 based NICs I am constructing as
> a bridging firewall.  While Marvell does have a driver for BSD 5.4 which
> works just fine, 5.4 has lousy bridging support (especially when using pf as
> your packet filter)  So I was wondering, with so many of these Marvell based
> adapters in the market right now are there any plans on integrating driver
> support for them into 6.0?

Probably not; last I heard, the manufacturer was refusing to divulge
enough information for an open-source driver to be written at all.
You'll need to pressure them to do that.  Or at least to keep up with
new FreeBSD releases.

Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area

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