Can't compile kernel

Subhro subhro.kar at
Wed Nov 23 07:43:28 GMT 2005

Jose Borquez sat at his 'puter and typed on 11/23/2005 12:50:
>  I made a standard install of FreeBSD 5.4  with Kern-Developer  Full binaries and doc, kernel source  only.  I attempted to compile a custom kernel running:
>   make buildkernel KERNCONF=CUSTOM  Then I get the following error: make: don't know how to make buildkernel. Stop
>   I run it from the /usr/src/ directory.  The /usr/src/ directory is  empty.  Does that mean the source files were not installed?

Exactly. The kernel sources had not been installed. Read the chapter on
building a custom kernel in the handbook. make sure you cvsup properly
before you attempt to go for the compile.


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