link_elf: symbol nf_register_sockopt undefined

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at
Wed Nov 23 03:08:39 GMT 2005

Good day!

I tried patching my kernel(6.0) source as according to
the instructions on these site:
rebuild and install it...
update my ports via cvsup..
and do a "make install" inside /usr/ports/net/ipvs

After that, I try loading ipvs.ko with "kldload
/boot/modules/ipvs.ko" and I got the following:

link_elf: symbol nf_register_sockopt undefined
kldload: can't load /boot/modules/ipvs.ko: No such
file or directory

Any idea?
Anyone here successfully running ipvs on FreeBSD6.0?
The site said that it is working fine on 5.3 however I
am afraid that I may not be able to use the carp
feature which is already included in 6.0.


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