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>i can believet that i must 1000 time switching the dis cd-1 and cd-2,to be
>able install free bsd!

As someone who re-installs FreeBSD @ 3 times a day ( ALL due to me trashing 
it, no fault of the O/S ), I advise installing the LOT. EVERYTHING. That way, 
you'll get away with three changes ( or it may be two ? ).

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>That's because you selected packages to install that were located on the 2nd
>CD.  If you have an internet connection, I would just install the Ports tree
>and after the initial installation is complete, install the applications
>through the ports and download the sources as you need them.  It's a lot
>easier that way instead of switching the CD 1000 times.

 I may be guilty of mis-reading this, but the thought of downloading @ 
compiling anything of any complexity fills me with horror !?!? By the time 
KDE is ready to use, you'd have lost the will to live !

	Regards, Deej

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