Sharing filesystems between FreeBSD and Windows ...

Kiffin Gish kiffin at
Tue Nov 22 15:43:16 GMT 2005

On Tue, 2005-11-22 at 10:07 -0500, Nicolas Blais wrote:
> On November 22, 2005 09:59 am, Kiffin Gish wrote:
> > I have a home network running 3 desktop machines with Windows XP Pro,
> > and a webserver, fileserver and laptop with FreeBSD 5.x.
> >
> > What's the best way to be able to exchange files and directory shares
> > between the two environments?
> >
> > It would also be nice to share the printer which is connected to one of
> > the Windows boxes via USB.
> >
> > I hear that Samba is the way to go, but also have heard about such
> > client-based utilities like Sharity-light which also do the trick.
> >
> > Thanks alot in advance.
> I use samba+cups at home.  My situation is similar, except my printer is 
> connected to one of my FreeBSD machines.  The hardest part of linking FreeBSD 
> with Windows isn't the getting the shares to work, but the printers to work, 
> and I found it easier to have the printer on FreeBSD and have Windows write 
> to it using real drivers (cups in RAW mode).

Hmmm, this kinda worries me, to be honest. I went through alot of
trouble getting my HP Deksjet G86 working under Windows and cannot
imagine the hassle of getting it to work under FreeBSD.

I still can't get my HP Dekjet 720C to work with my laptop (FreeBSD 5.4
and apsfilter), and I struggled for days before finally giving up.

> Actually, it's not as hard at is seems.  Here's what I put in my smb.conf to 
> make the printer work:
> printing = cups
> load printers = yes
> [printers]
> path = /var/spool/samba
> use client driver = Yes
> printable = yes
> public = yes
> guest ok = yes
> writable = no
> You'll find a lot of help in the Samba documentation and cups is also well 
> documented.
> Nicolas.

Thanks Nicolas, I'll give it a go.

Kiffin Gish
Gouda, The Netherlands

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