apache2 php5 mysql4 problems

Brian E. Conklin bconklin at masongeneral.com
Tue Nov 22 15:05:46 GMT 2005

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> Subject: apache2 php5 mysql4 problems
> I have been successfuly running apache2 as a web server with php5 as a
> module.  Recently I needed access to a database so I tried  to upgrade
> my system by adding mysql4 as the database server.
> I had installed apache2  and php5 from the ports. Previously I would
> install php5-extensions to build the mysql module for php.
> After failing get the resulting php to recognize the mysql_ database
> calls in php I noticed that the php5-extensions no longer build the
> mysql extensions.

Install php5-mysqli from ports. This will install the correct php5 module for
MySql 4.1 and above and setup your php.ini to load it.

> I have tried various things.  The most successful was to configure php
> with the --with-mysql option. However this did not completelty solve
> my problem. While database access was enabled from a php script, when
> I use  the same codee in a web page to access the same database, my
> browser pops up a window asking if I want to save the file to disk or
> search for a program to deal with the file (suggestion Dreamweaver
> since it a .php file).
> Does anybody have the sequence of build commands for making a apache2
> - php5 - mysql, a working web server environment?
> I am running 5.4
> With thanks
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